Monday, 25 August 2008

Dear John Major

I was recently partaking in a highbrow conversation with some educated friends following a poetry evening at an exclusive haunt for intellectuals, when one of them suddenly mentioned your name and the room fell to a deathly silence.

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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Dear Margaret Thatcher

A lot of my friends and colleagues dislike you and refer to you as Maggie Thatcher Milk Snatcher!

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Sunday, 10 August 2008

Dear Ulrika Jonsson

I am a huge fan and since your weathergirl days I have been working on a project for you to star in as I think you have all the qualities of a leading lady.

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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Dear John Leslie

I have been a huge fan of yours since the Blue Peter days and have followed your career with a great deal of enthusiasm.

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